Guest Blogger Spotlight: Mark Merphy – Overcoming Panic and Fear

Here are my tips and coping techniques for overcoming Panic Disorder and General Anxiety issues. If you care to read my story I will attach it to the end so as to not waste time getting to the important part of this document. First we will start with the facts that you need to understandContinue reading “Guest Blogger Spotlight: Mark Merphy – Overcoming Panic and Fear”

My Experience With Anxiety in School

I started school in 1993. Where I live, we go from Kindergarten up through 6th grade before moving over to middle school for 2 years, and then high school for a final 4. As someone who grew up struggling with anxiety, these formidable years were varying levels of traumatic. I had an extremely rocky startContinue reading “My Experience With Anxiety in School”