Working With Me


No matter what medium I’m working in, graphic design or audio, I charge $20/hr.


For podcast audio editing I charge per hour, per episode.  It generally takes me around a 2:1 time ratio to finish an episode, depending on how good (or bad) the quality of the audio is to begin with.  So, if you have an hour long podcast episode, it can take me up to 2 hours to fully edit it, as I’m editing while I listen through the episode.

Things That Effect Editing Times:

  • Knowing exactly what you want.  If you know you want intro and outro music, and you know exactly how long you want it to play for and when, the less back-and-forth guess work will go into the first episode.  If you can send me an audio file and say “Play this for 30 seconds and then start the intro,” that’s SUPER helpful!  Basically, the less you know about how you want your episode to sound, the longer it will take to edit.
  • Timestamps!  If you know where the places are that you need edited (like an unwanted noise), or if you know there’s a section you want taken out, let me know when they are so I can look out for them!  I’ll find them anyways as I edit, but knowing where the problem areas are beforehand helps me catch everything the first time.  So an example: “Take out 21:05-22:07.  I flubbed what I was saying and had to start again.”  Perfect!


Turnaround times for graphics are much harder to predict, as it depends on the scope of the project.  Graphics like the ones I make for Megan Bruneau and (as shown here and here) are super simple, sized specifically for Instagram, and take about a half hour.  Again: the more specific you are about what you want, the faster the process goes.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at!

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