Long time no see! A lot has happened in the land of Husmus since the last post. Long story short: EVERYONE GETS A SEASON 2!

You get a season 2 and YOU get a season 2 and YOU GET A SEASON 2!

Baily Hancock’s ‘Stop, Collaborate & Listen’ Podcast is back for Season 2!

Her first episode is “Collaboration X Connection: Michael ‘Frosti’ Snow, Creator of Canyons

Sara Weinreb’s ‘Medium Well’ Podcast is also well into Season 2:

And one of our newest editing additions, Alyssa Benjamin‘s ‘Our Nature’ Podcast has also kicked off its 2nd season!

Posting all of the graphics I’ve created since the last post would take up WAY too much time, so I might just be sticking to audio editing updates for a while. Speaking of which, there are more new shows in the works to look out for. 👀 I’ll keep you updated!


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